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Annapurna Marathon - Trekking and Running in Nepal

Dates: Arrival in Kathmandu 4th November 2019


Nepali cyclist hopes to make his mark in international events    


KATHMANDU, Oct 16: At the turn of 20th century, Suresh Kumar Dulal, a young man from Ramgha VDC of Lamjung district, was roaming the alleyways of Thamel in search of a job. 

Suresh had left his village for Kathmandu with determination to make it big in the capital, but first he needed an employment to gain a foothold here. 

Caption:Suresh Kumar Dulal competes in the Austria Ironman(Photo courtesy : Suresh Kumar Dulal)

Suresh was fortunate enough to get a job at the Himalaya Mountain Bike, better known as HMB tours and expeditions, which was founded by Peter Steward, who pioneered the business of mountain biking in Nepal and the Himalayas. 

Suresh’s stint at HMB would take him later to different parts of the world to participate in the cross country mountain bike competitions. He is the only Nepali currently participating in the Ironman UK, considered one of the toughest triathlon events in the world. 

Peter is also the one who introduced first-ever rickshaw race in the country in 1996. The company later started The Himalayan Mountain Bike Race Series-2000 in Nagarjun.

Peter and Ranjan Rajbhandari, one of the proficient mountain biker of Nepal at that time and also the manager of HMB, took note of Suresh’s dedication and passion for cycling. 

Determined as he was, Suresh managed to win the hearts of both Peter and Ranjan, under whose guidance his skills flourished. 

In no time, Suresh picked up the art of maintaining and repairing mountain bike. And in his spare time, mostly during the evening, he would learn cycling all by himself. He had constructed his personal mountain bike by assembling the parts available at the store. 

Touched by his enthusiasm, Ranjan, whom Suresh considers his ‘godfather’ and a best friend, decided to provide him some crucial skills of mountain biking. 

They would set off for a long ride on weekends and Suresh would give him a tough competition. 

In 2000, Suresh competed in his first mountain bike event Millennium Mountain Bike race and finished in the seventh position.

This result was so inspiring for Suresh that he reckoned if he wanted to make something big, it would be through mountain biking. 

“Finishing within top ten positions in my first event gave me much confidence, and motivated to push my limits. At that time I realized how much I loved cycling and wanted to do nothing else,” reminisces Suresh.

His perseverance and love for cycling made him a national champion in 2001. He continued to dominate the domestic scene and maintained the top ranking until 2005. He left for the United Kingdom in 2007. 

During this period, Suresh had been crowned with Cross Country Championship in 2005, first Yak Attack champion in 2007 and had represented Nepal in many reputed races around the world including Cross Country Mountain Bike in Lake District UK (2004), seven-day Trans Alps, which starts from Munich in Germany, going through Vienna, Austria and concluding in Italy near the River De Garden. 

He also represented Nepal in the 2003 Asian Games in Japan and Asian Mountain Bike race in 2008 in Kathmandu.

“I am addicted to the physical labor that cycling demands. I would have been nothing if it was not for cycling. Apart from giving me opportunity to travel around the world, cycling gives me contentment and a sense of accomplishment,” says Suresh.

He had also participated in 50 km Karapoti Mountain Bike Championship in New Zealand and many other races. 

After moving to the United Kingdom in 2007, Suresh, who had been a proficient swimmer and long distance runner as well, was attracted by triathlon.

He had been participating in different triathlon events in the UK since 2008. 

He first completed Ironman UK, which is 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running, in 2010. 

He is currently employed at Phil Corley Cycles, a company owned and run by former UK national champion Phil Corley. He is now part of the Phil Corley team and is sponsored by this company. 

“I train for around 20 hours a day three months prior to the Ironman. I am confident that I will be among top 10 finishers within a few years,” said Suresh, who believes that life is all about doing what you love best. 

    Published on 2014-10-22 20:43:02